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Regulating, Coordinating and Enhancing the Delivery of Health Services in Bermuda

History of the Health Council

In 1993, the Government of Bermuda, in response to community-wide concerns over the escalating cost of healthcare in Bermuda, and a growing public concern over the quality of healthcare services available on the Island at the time, appointed a committee chaired by Senator Oughton, to review the healthcare system.

The committee’s review, generally known as the “The Oughton Report – 1996” concluded that while Bermuda generally had a good healthcare system, the system could benefit immensely from improved coordination of its disparate parts and cost containment measures to mitigate the impact of inflation on the system’s sustainability. The Oughton Report, and a later report – The Bermuda Healthcare System Redesign Initiative – advanced the idea that a Bermuda Health Council was needed to manage the quality, cost efficiency, and sustainability of Bermuda’s healthcare system. In 2004, the Minister of Health, the Honourable Nelson B.A. Bascome, JP, MP, introduced the Bermuda Health Council Act 2004 to the House of Assembly which officially established the Council.

“Achieving a quality, equitable and sustainable health system.”

Our Vision

Our Purpose & Function

Formed in 2006 through the Bermuda Health Council Act 2004, the Health Council enhances and coordinates the delivery of healthcare services. We are a regulatory body, ensuring health system sustainability by:

  • Licensing health insurers
  • Increasing cost effectiveness
  • Collaborating with stakeholders
  • Addressing complaints and queries
  • Monitoring health finance and expenditure
  • Facilitating new health system infrastructure
  • Ensuring that employers provide health insurance for their employees

To read more about our legislated functions, click to view the Health Council’s Log of Legislated Responsibilities.

Our Mandate

To regulate, coordinate and enhance the delivery of health services.

Our Priorities:

Care quality and standards: Collaborating with all whom have a vested interested in our health system to encourage best practice when delivering care.

Finance and economics: Monitoring resources available for improving the health system and the health of the population.

Accountability: Being transparent with the public about what we do and how we do it.

Regulation: Ensuring all organizations and services that influence our health are operating according to the law.

Corporate Plans

Our annual Corporate Plans are our strategic road-map, helping us to envision Bermuda as the healthiest island in the world.

Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan

Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan

Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan

2010 – 2011
Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan

Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan

2012 – 2013
Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan

Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan

Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan

Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan

Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan

Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan

Bermuda Health Council

Corporate Plan


Behind the Scenes

The Health Council believes in transparency, therefore, we have created a list of Health Council projects and achievements to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening behind the scenes, such as writing research reports, conducting data analyses, developing new legislation etc.

The list below is updated regularly to display the 2022-2023 fiscal year period. For an extensive look at past project and achievements, visit our listing here.  Check back often to track our progress as we work through our Corporate Plan.

Updated Health Professional Public Register
Published 2024 Licensed Health Insurers and Approved Health Insurance Schemes
Published Overseas Care Report FYE2022 Annual Brief
Published Press Release on Health Council and Ignite Bermuda Collaboration
Updated Health Professionals Public Register List
Published a data brief on health insurance premiums collected, claims paid, and number of insured persons.
Launched the Health Council's New Website and Logo
Held Engagement Activity for Brand Refresh Launch at City Hall with Department of Health
Proposals received for round 3 of Innovation Programme did not align with programme's objectives. Round 4 starts October 2023.
Published a Notice of Pharmacy Inspections
Added a Pharmacy Market Inspection Checklist
Updated Standard Premium Rates - 2016 to Present Fact Sheet
Added an updated document of the COVID-19 Guidance Care Homes to our website
Added the Dental Practitioner Examination Manual link to our webpage
Attended Brand Reputation Summit
Started strategic planning for Care Homes
Participated in the Convex End to End
Added Complaint Overview Process document on the Health Professional Complaint webpage
Published Press Release on Inspectorate to Support Growing Regulatory Functions of the Health Council
Published 2022 Employers' Compliance Annual Report
Published 2023-2024 Corporate Plan
Published 2023 Full Procedure Codes (CPT)
Added Antiviral Entities to COVID Testing and Vaccine Facilities Listing
Created a Formulary Resource Hub page
Published Press Release on Home Care Agency Re-registration
Published Press Release on Health Registration Update for the Council of Allied Health Professions and Pharmacy Council
Engaged with the Community in the City of Hamilton to Promote Heart Month
Published Formulary Additions on Consumer Pricing webpage
Updated Board & Secretariat webpage
Updated Professional Associations webpage
Published Press Release on Collaboration with Pharmacies and Wholesalers for Better Universal Health Coverage of Medicines
Started Round 1 of the Innovation Programme
Completed Round 4 of the Innovation Programme
Donated Goods to the Transformational Living Centre to support families in need for the holiday season
Hosted Care Home Information Session at BUEI for Caregivers, Care Home Administrators and Owners
Particpated in BF&M Breast Cancer Awareness Walk
Hosted Webinar with Dr. Jahnae Harvey on Autism, Early Intervention, and Support in Adulthood
Published Bill of Rights for Persons in Care
Started Care Home Inspections
Transferred Caregiving Registration Process to Registrations Department
Started Round 4 of the Innovation Programme
Hosted Webinar with Dr Darrien Ray on Encouraging and Protecting Mental Health Development in Children
Published Press Release on Transition to New Online Payment System for Health Professionals
Updated Care Home Report Cards
Hosted Webinar with Dr. Jamie Kimball on What is Acupuncture, How it Works and It's Treatments
Updated Non-Complaint Employers List on website
Hosted Webinar with Dr. Jonathan Makanjuola on Health Disparities in Cancer Care
Updated COVID Testing and Vaccine Facilities Listing
Updated Secretariat listing
Closed Diagnostic Imaging Registration
Hosted Webinar with Joanne Wohlmuth on Improving Respiratory Health
Hosted Webinar with Dr. Natalie Bennett on Diabetes and Your Feet
Updated Non-Complaint Employers List on website
Started drafting three additional Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) with topics related to telehealth, dialysis services and more.
Completed Round 2 of the of the Innovation Programme
Approved 49 Health Facility Applications
Hosted Webinar with Agathe Holowatinc on Nutrition for High Performance Professionals
Updated Non-Complaint Employers List on website
Hosted Webinar with Dr. Ayesha Peets-Talbot and Beth Hollis on Your Health is Your Wealth
Drafted one Health Technology Assessment (HTA) with additional topics to be covered, but are not limited to dialysis services, telehealth, and more
Facilitated Innovation Programme Panel Meeting Round 2
Announced Health Council Webinar Series
Published 2021 Employer's Compliance Annual Report
Updated Non-Complaint Employers List on website
Published Health Facility Master List on website

If you would like additional information about any of the updates, feel free to contact our offices via email at healthcouncil@localhost or via phone on 292-6420.

Board Members

The Health Council is comprised of a Board appointed annually by the Minister of Health. Operating since 2006 focusing on monitoring all aspects of Bermuda’s health system and enforcing compliance with legislative requirements.

Dr. Sylvanus Nawab, MD
Health Council Chair
Ms. Kirsten Beasley
Dr. Ricky Brathwaite
Chief Executive Officer, Ex-Officio
Dr. Darrien Ray, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Mr. H. Anthony Richardson – Deputy Chair
Managing Director of Cedar Aviation Services Ltd.
Ms. F. Ann Daniels
Head of Compliance, Registrar of Companies
Mr. Anthony W. Santucci
CADA Chairman
Ms. Keechia L. Tuckett
Director, Health Insurance Department (HID)
Ms. Cheryl Ann Lister
Acting Financial Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Ex-Officio
Mr. Roger Todd
Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Ex-Officio
Ms. Mercedes Pringle-DeSilva
Executive Director at Age Concern Bermuda (ACB)
Dr. Nicola Paugh
Executive Director, IAC Bermuda
Dr. Shaun Ramroop
Acting Chief Medical Officer, Ex-Officio


The Health Council Secretariat includes those individuals responsible for carrying out the mandated functions of the organisation.  We have a team of 20 and despite our size, our remit is quite large.  The Secretariat prides itself on being an efficient and reliable team that has the public’s best interest in mind for all that we do.  As we constantly seek ways to improve our operations and the execution of our functions, in 2016 we underwent organisational restructuring which resulted in the development of our three directorates: Health Economics, Health Regulations and Operations.

Dr. Ricky Brathwaite
Chief Executive Officer, Ex-Officio
Lena Hassell
Outreach Coordinator and Administrative Assistant
Coordinates collaborations between the Health Council and local community organisations...
Taja Fox
Communications Lead
Carmen Francis
Head of People Operations
Tiara Carlington
Senior Programme Manager, Public Health Research and Programmes
Ashley Rodgers
Project Manager
Shunee Burt
Project Manager
Fiona Douglas
Project Manager
Elisabeth Kast
Project Manager
Dr. Keasha Lightbourne
Kidney Transplant Coordinator
Lindsay Lodge
Project Associate, Kidney Transplant Programme
Shawnette Place
Project Manager, Registrations
Jo’ell Robinson
Project Associate
Nicole Robinson
Project Associate
Khamini Shrinarine
Project Associate
Provides support to health professional registration.
Ja-Mae Smith
Programme Manager
Monitors, licenses and assess Long-Term Care facilities and Adult Day...
Sacara Phillips
Project Associate
Akilah Reid
Project Associate
Jasmine Caisey
Project Associate
Eshe Coleman
Programme Manager
Wendy Dill
Project Manager
Elizabeth Harrington
Pharmaceutical Market Lead (Pharmacy Inspector)
Soneya Bean
Project Associate, Corporate Operations

Employment Opportunities

Join us in our mission to regulate, coordinate and enhance the delivery of health services in Bermuda. Find out more about the Bermuda Health Council and what we do.

There are no available positions available at this time.

Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans are multi-year plans detailing the direction of the Health Council. These Plans are used as a basis for identifying the annual corporate plan objectives and deliverables.


Policies provide standards for the execution of daily operations of the Health Council.


Procedures provide a standard for the execution of legislated Health Council functions and operations.