Launch of the Population Norms in Bermuda Survey

Launch of the Population Norms in Bermuda Survey

[Hamilton, Bermuda] – The Health Council, in collaboration with the University of the West Indies, is excited to announce the full launch of the Population Norms in Bermuda survey. This important survey seeks to gather comprehensive health data to better understand and improve the health outcomes of Bermuda’s population.

Building on our previous soft launch, we aim to collect data from at least 1,000 participants aged 18 and over to create a robust snapshot of health in Bermuda. This survey is part of a larger international effort, utilizing the EQ-5D-3L, a widely used measure of health-related quality of life. The insights gained will allow us to compare Bermuda’s health norms with those of other countries, contributing to global health research.

The survey continues our work on understanding Bermuda’s health preferences and is conducted by the University of the West Indies with support from the Innovation Programme, managed by the Health Council. The Innovation Programme is dedicated to enhancing health services and policies on our island.

Participation is voluntary, anonymous, and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The deadline for survey submissions is June 30th. Your input will directly impact the health policies and services provided in Bermuda. Together, we can make a difference!

About Bermuda Health Council:

Established by the Bermuda Health Council Act 2004, the Bermuda Health Council (“Health Council”) is tasked with regulating, coordinating, and enhancing the delivery of health services in Bermuda. Led by a Board representing a broad range of sectors in Bermuda’s community, and staffed by a team of committed professionals, the Health Council works with health system stakeholders towards achieving a quality, equitable and sustainable health system. For media inquiries, please contact

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