The Bermuda Health Council Reminds Home Care Agencies to Re-Register

The Bermuda Health Council Reminds Home Care Agencies to Re-Register

Hamilton, Bermuda, 23rd February 2023 – The Bermuda Health Council is reminding all registered Home Care agencies that their registration status is set to expire on March 31st, 2023. All Home Care agencies are required to re-register their business with the Bermuda Health Council if they wish to be reimbursed for claims under Future Care or the Health Insurance Plan (HIP) policy.

The Bermuda Health Council is responsible for ensuring that Home Care agencies operate in compliance with the requirements set for agency registration. As part of this responsibility, the Health Council requires that all agencies re-register for the 2023 – 2025 regulation period.

Home Care agencies are an essential component of the healthcare industry, providing vital services to individuals who require assistance with daily living activities. The Bermuda Health Council recognizes the importance of these services and is committed to ensuring that they are provided in a safe, effective, and compassionate manner.

To re-register, Home Care agencies must complete and submit the re-registration application to the Bermuda Health Council along with all required documentation. The application must include information on the agency’s ownership, management, staffing, services provided, and other important details.

The Bermuda Health Council encourages all Home Care agencies to begin the re-registration process as soon as possible to ensure that they can continue to operate without interruption. Failure to re-register will result in a disruption of services for clients receiving future care reimbursement for home care services in Bermuda.

“Re-registration of the home care agencies is essential to maintaining the standard of care that is expected from home care agencies on Island. In order to work more closely with our stakeholders and make the process more efficient, the registration process has been enhanced to provide ease of uploading requested information. Please be advised reviews may take up to two weeks, so please complete the application process as soon as possible,” stated Ja-Mae Smith, MPA, Programme Manager, Bermuda Health Council.

The Bermuda Health Council is available to assist Home Care agencies with any questions or concerns related to the re-registration process. For questions, contact us by email or by calling 441-292-6420.

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Established by the Bermuda Health Council Act 2004, the Bermuda Health Council (“Health Council”) is tasked with regulating, coordinating and enhancing the delivery of health services in Bermuda. Led by a Board representing a broad range of sectors in Bermuda’s community, and staffed by a team of committed professionals, the Health Council works with health system stakeholders towards achieving a quality, equitable and sustainable health system.

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